ARL Webinar Series: Reshaping Scholarly Communication

Part 1: Building on Success
Monday March 22, 11am-12:30pm, Rm 161, Murray Library
The purpose of this webinar is to begin the next phase of scholarly communication program planning with an overview of where we are. A series of speakers will present several implementations of comprehensive scholarly communication programs, followed by time for questions and discussion.
Scheduled Speakers:
• Julie Bobay, Associate Dean for Collection Development and Scholarly Communications at Indiana University Libraries
• Beth McNeil, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor at Purdue University Libraries
• Inba Kehoe, Copyright Officer and Scholarly Communications Librarian at University of Victoria Libraries
All are welcome!
Brought to you by the Learning and Development Committee, University of Saskatchewan Library. The Library has registered to the entire 8-part series. There will be approximately one part per month – so watch for upcoming webinars!
Here is a poster to advertise the event:
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For more information on this series see:

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