SFU Open Access Fund

Beginning in February 2010, SFU is creating an OA Central Fund to encourage SFU authors to publish in OA Journals. The fund will pay the APCs [article processing charges] for SFU authors who lack other sources to cover these fees. It’s all part of the Library’s new Open Access Strategy, which includes:
• Continuing support for the Public Knowledge Project and its open source software to improve management and to decrease publishing costs,
• Further development of SFU’s Institutional Repository where authors can share research output, including reports and raw data,
• Making OA journals more accessible to SFU readers.
“With the establishment of the Open Access Fund we join a growing movement worldwide,” says Bird. Hal Weinberg, Director of SFU’s Office of Research Ethics, adds, “The new look in academia is free public access to all data collected with public money. Research data should be available to the public so that there can be expansion of knowledge related to that data.” The SFU Library maintains a public repository where researchers can put their data to fulfill new public access requirements of granting agencies.
For more information about Open Access initiatives at the SFU Library, including the OA Central Fund, contact Gwen Bird, gbird@sfu.ca. The Library’s full OA Strategy document is available on the web: tinyurl.com/yl2h4aa

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