E-LIS Reaches Milestone of 10 000 Submissions

Recently the open access repository for Library and Information Science (LIS) documents E-LIS surpassed 10 000 items. E-LIS was established in 2003 as the first international repository in this subject area.
Please consider depositing your library-related publications in this repository. From the E-LIS Submission Policy page:
“The purpose of the E-LIS archive is to make full text LIS documents visible, accessible, harvestable, searchable, and useable by any potential user with access to the Internet. Searching and archiving in E-LIS are totally free for any user. The only requirement is that authors wishing to submit a document need to register in order to obtain a user id in the system. Librarians, libraries, research institutes, organizations, and individual researchers involved in LIS and related fields are encouraged to make use of and contribute to the archive.”

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