Slides from our “Open Data *for Scholars*” session

Ever wondered about open data? This session is an ‘Open Data 101’ for scholars interested in using and/or publishing open data in their research projects. Learn about the merits of open publishing; the wheres and hows of repositories; and the vibrant open data community. Of particular interest to graduate students and faculty, this session will enlighten your research practices! All disciplines welcome.

Open Data for Scholars – slides

Next steps

How can you integrate open data into your existing research projects? If you’re thinking about using/publishing research data and would like more information about your options, please contact the UofS data librarian. The ICPSR offers good resources for research data management and may be an asset in your planning.

Open data is rapidly growing in academia and you have an opportunity to step ahead of the curve – to your advantage!

Jessica Gallinger
Social Sciences Librarian (Economics, Data, GIS)
(306) 966 – 7265