Online Study at the University of Alberta

My congratulations to the University of Alberta for jumping into online learning in a creative and innovative way!
Excerpted from Biomedical Library Blog
The University of Alberta School of Medicine has embraced one of the newest trends in medical education – providing online interactive and collaborative study tools within their learning system. Homer – think Greek mytology and students setting out on “an epic journey of lifelong learning” – is their newly created sytem that contains links to the information med students need – class notes, slides, and schedules – and also learning games, journal articles, email, Facebook and other networking tools.
What is particularly unique is the student interactivity. Students can post their own quizzes or questions, provide study tips and help monitor others posts for possible errors. The project is mostly self-policed by the med students who find and correct any errors. As one might expect, “Some first-year students objected at first, saying they just wanted to know what they were going to be tested on.” However, perhaps offering the high praise Homer’s creators were hoping for, they acknowledge later on that “Homer helped them study.”
See the full story at The Chronical of Higher Education, “Medical-School Curriculum Goes Interactive, Online, … and Hip-Hop.”
Watch the “Diagnosis Wenckebach” video created by a group of 2nd year med students at U of Alberta
. Click twice to play.