Self Management of Chronic Illness

I was at a presentation about Global Alliance for Self Management Support this morning and it reminded me of how important it is to keep up to date with how the online world is changing healthcare.
The Global Alliance for Self Management Support originates in Spain but it has sponsorship world wide including from Canada.

Why patients might want to join

On the GASMS, they teach how to take care of yourself and help others. They believe in the collaborative work of patients, health professionals and institutions to achieve a bottom-up change, through patient-centered care, based in human dignity. You may access information by diseases or browse the projects in development.

Why professionals might want to join

The involvement of health professionals in Self Management Support contributes to evidence-based medicine and to the WHO recommendations on the New Chronic Care Model. It improves the patient-physician relationship and patient and family empowerment. From the GASMS, you may participate in an international network to exchange experiences with other health professionals, attend online virtual conferences, and receive training on Self-Management Support through the web, on demand.
The idea for this site originated with the Expert Patient Program out of Sanford and New Health Partnerships concepts but Dr. Serrano wanted an opportunity for patients to have a longer term connection.
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