Medical Education in Second Life

Virtual Simulation is creating a lot of play in the medical education technology world and Second Life is the most accessible of the virtual worlds. The University of Saskatchewan currently leases land in Second Life where they are building an Art Gallery.
If you don’t know what Second Life is take a look at this video from MD Kiosk on Virtual Health Island.

Click twice to play.
Here is a video about a hospital being planned in the UK
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UK Polyclinic Site
7 minute video promoting polyclinics in London

A heart attack simulation

An 3 minute explanation of the Second Health Island build by the New Media Consortium

Play2Train does interdisciplinary disaster training for hospitals and the American military. Here is a picture from their site of the Virtual Idaho Elk’s Rehabilitation Hospital
SL acute care2.jpg
A one minute video of the virtual hospital

Health Info Island
SL Health info island3.jpg
SL med library.jpg

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