Techno Terror is here!

I chose the title Techno Terror is here! because biological terrorism seems to be a popular scenario for virtual games but also because of the fear many medical faculty have of venturing into technology as a teaching tool. So here are some examples of how NEW TECHNOLOGY is being used today in medical schools and among health providers.

Future Making Serious Games

Eliane Alhadeff has one of the best and most up to date blogs on gaming as an educational resources She regularly posts articles related to health simulations and activities.

Idaho Bioterrorism Awareness and Preparedness Program

Idaho University Institute of Rural Health This website provides an overview and some great videos of Idaho University’s Second Life site available for training/awareness about emergency preparedness. The picture below is from the virtual hospital.
University of Illinois at Chicago researchers have developed simulation games that train health officials to respond effectively to disasters and infectious disease outbreaks. This image represents a hospital library and meeting room.

Attending Medical School in Second Life

Article in the Student British Medical Journal

Why Games Matter: A Prescription for Improving Health and Health Care

Received 74 entries from 13 countries for their virtual health care competition. The winners were:
*Mobile Phone Games to create HIV/AIDS awareness in Asia and Africa. (India)
*Finding Zoe is a unique online video game that promotes the creation of healthy, equal, and non-violent relationships between girls and boys. (US)
*Reach Out! Central (ROC) is an online game that promotes positive youth mental health by adapting content from effective psychological intervention. (Australia)

A social networking site with a strong international community health focus, there are opportunities for collaboration on projects, competing for innovation awards and discussions

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