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Simulation is the latest buzzword in medical education. Listed below are websites for groups that are investigating how simulations are and might be used in medical education.
Advanced Initiatives in Medical Simulation or AIMS is a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to promoting medical simulation.
BMJ Learning -module on Simulation Centres
Emergency Medicine Simulation Interest Group has been formed to discuss and advance research and educational opportunities provided by the use of high-fidelity simulators.
Future Making Serious Games (health tab) reports on the latest developments in game technology for healthcare
The Internet Journal of Medical Simulation
InVision Guide to a Healthy Heart is an independent journal of the latest medical gadgets, technologies and discoveries. Updated every weekday. Written, edited and published by a group of MDs and biomed engineers.
The National Center for Simulation is a member supported non-profit organization formed in 1993 as the link among the defense industry, government, and academia on behalf of the entire simulation, training, and modeling community.
The SIM Group -Based in Boston at the Massachusetts General Hospital, The Simulation Group represents a vast array of disciplines involved in discovering the fundamental science necessary for medical simulation to “break through” into established medicine by improving medical education and increasing patient safety.
Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), was established in January 2004 to represent the rapidly growing group of educators and researchers who utilize a variety of simulation techniques for education, testing, and research in health care.
Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine mission is to encourage and support the use of simulation in medicine for the purpose of training and research. Simulation Centers are being developed worldwide as the value of simulation is more broadly appreciated.
Stanford Simulation Centre The VA Simulation Center has pioneered the use of mannequin-based, fully interactive simulators in anesthesiology, intensive care, emergency medicine and other clinical settings.
Virtual Surgery
Worldwide CCM Simulation Database

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  1. I agree, I strongly believe simulation for healthcare education is only effective if used in a realistic environment with state of the art equipment to ensure “buy-in” from all participants. It is also necessary to utilize educated and skilled faculty that know how to operate the highly technical equipment involved.
    I have noticed that it is very difficult for Healthcare providers to utilize simulation due to lack of finances, lack of physical space, and lack of technical expertise. I have come across a very interesting concept- a mobile simulation laboratory that is mobile and can be physically brought to a healthcare provider’s facility. There is one company called SIAMEC which I have noticed has a state of the art mobile simulation laboratory, they appear to be state of the art and extremely knowledgeable.
    I believe using the technology provided by a company like SIAMEC will help improve healthcare for patients nationwide through simulation education.

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