Medical Blogs

The following is a list of regular Blogs written by physicians. Most of them have RSS feeds that will let you know when new articles are posted.
A critical commentary on medical news by a practicing physician.
An oncologist talks about cancer and other health issues
Cases and phenomenal images of surgical procedures.
Very eclectic commentary of a psychiatrist/sleep specialist/internist
A perspective on medical and other issues from a general surgeon
A critical commentary on medical news by a practicing physician.
Reflections and opinions on clinical practice and evidence-based medicine
Another general commentary on issues in healthcare
A practicing primary-care physician tells it like it is.
Wherein a surgeon tells some stories, shares some thoughts, and occasionally shoots off his mouth. Like a surgeon.
The accidental blog of a semi-accidental ER doc living in the Pacific Northwest
The miscellaneous ramblings of a surgeon/scientist on medicine, quackery, science, pseudoscience, history, and pseudohistory (and anything else that interests him)
Explorations of medicine and the health care system
Emerging health technology
If nothing else, take a look at:
Grand rounds is hosted each week by a different blogger who picks examples of the best blogs for that week. This site is an archive and list of upcoming sessions.

Medical Teaching Resources Online

Medical Calculator
Create Your Own Cartoon
Procedure Guides
Clinical Cases and Free Images
American College of Cardiology Conversations with Experts
John Hopkins Podcasts
Journal of American Medical Association Podcasts
Native American Elders Health Care
Transforming Medicine with Tomorrows Technology
Practical Prof
Online Procedure Videos
Medical Teaching Technology Blog
Cleveland Clinic Webcasts
Medical Mneumonics
PowerPoint Instructions

Digital Natives at Analog schools

At the BLC06 conference last summer, keynote Marco Torres, showed a great movie clip and asked the audience to promote and share it. Movie: Digital Students @ Analog Schools Students today are native to technology and schools seem to be stuck in the past. They are not accommodating to todays digital learners. Here is a video where students speak out on what it means to be a digital student at a analog school.

Second Life

Second Life is a virtual world that has become a popular location for cutting edge educational resources. The population of this virtual world is greater than the population of the prairies.
ScienceRoll (the blog of a medical student studying genetics) has a posting about the top ten medical education sites in Second Life.