Suggested goals for mentoring new faculty/new physicians

At a recent workshop, the following topics were suggested for mentoring new medical faculty/new physicians:
– Decrease future problems so your workload not increased
– Prophylaxis is better than Tx
– A welcoming supporting start might recruit colleagues from residency
– “Indoctrinate” persuade local way of doing things
– Orienting quickly to the system good (efficient) clinical care
– Paying forward the debt from my teachers
– Retention in our regions
– If I was involved in recruiting them, my reputation hinges somewhat on their success
– Help new person feel there is a contact person to go to when you don’t know something about the system. Its hard to admit one doesn’t know something
– Be specific about when to meet; invite them next Tuesday for lunch or regular intervals
– Get to know personal details about their background and skills and outline the plan for this relationship
– Other persons’ expertise and get to know how do they do things where they are from
– Identify potential stresses pick up vulnerabilities early and look into preventative strategies e.g. orient new faculty to local expertise in research strategies
– Practical aspects of how to get a faculty appointment and advantages of having vs. not having an appointment FOR THEM. A mentor’s role is one of exploring IF this is a good thing or not selling them on it

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