Blog about a physician and depression

Dr. Dork has writes a Blog about his personal experience with depression.
“Psychologically, Dr Dork shares many traits common amongst doctors. Perfectionism, fear of failure, unforgiving of one’s foibles, with a record of placing one’s own needs for sleep, nutrition, exercise and rest a distant second to his vocational demands. Furthermore, Dr Dork is in many ways the typical Australian male: poor at openly discussing his emotional needs, in denial of his own distress, maintaining a resolute facade to all, and attempting to drown his demons at times.
Socially, the tendency to overload himself has been a contributory factor at times. For Dr Dork, this has been another method of ‘escape’, at times, which is also doomed to fail. And in his dark times, the costs to relationships, family, career and finances have been steep.”

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