Public accountability… How do we measure up?

Since 2012, the University Library has published an Achievement Record, which includes key indicators from each of the library’s four core strategies in the University Library Strategic Plan. The 2016 Achievement Record is now available.  Do check it out!

The Achievement Record is an important part of the University Library Assessment Program which reflects progress toward the achievement of the library’s vision, mission, and core strategies in the University Library Strategic Plan, and demonstrates the library’s commitment to evidence-based decision making. A significant element of the Assessment Program is the development of performance indicators to track progress over time and to benchmark progress against peer institutions (e.g. U15 group of Canadian research universities). Where possible, data has been analyzed in the Achievement Record benchmarking University Library results to our U15 peer group.

During the recent library unit review, one of the external reviewers commented that the Achievement Record is “leading edge” work, and the fact that we make our data available publicly through our website is a first for any Association of Research Libraries (ARL) member institution. Thanks to our Assessment Analyst (Carisa Polischuk) for her leadership and ongoing development of the University Library Assessment Program and for helping us to further evolve and improve our strategic planning and evidenced-based decision making processes.