It’s a big week at the University Library

Later this week, we welcome three external reviewers to the campus and the University Library for the library unit review.  Over the three-day site visit, reviewers will hold some 25 stakeholder meetings and interviews with groups internal to the library as well as with external campus and stakeholder representatives.  It is shaping up to be a very full schedule for the review team.

It has been over a decade since the library last underwent an external review, and that 2004 review led to some pretty big decisions being made by the university about its library.  Engagement with the review process, including the preparation of a self-assessment, has taken a lot of time and has involved many library employees.  Overall, it has been time and effort well spent, as the self-assessment provides a record of outcomes, achievements, and remaining challenges before the library as it continues work to transform its collections, facilities, services, and organizational culture.

The purpose of the review is to assess progress in meeting the vision, values, and strategic directions outlined in the University Library Strategic Plan; to assess the current state of library collections, facilities, services, and how they support the university’s mission with respect to teaching and learning, and research; and, to assess the library’s organizational culture and the efficiency and effectiveness of the library operations and organizational structures.  The review is also to identify any matters needing particular focus and resourcing – physical, financial, or human – in future planning cycles.

Thank you to everyone who is making time in their busy schedules to speak with the review team.  I appreciate it and I know the review panel will too.