Cleaning house…

After a decade ‘in residence’ at the big office in Murray 156, I have been clearing and cleaning house recently as I prepare to head off for administrative leave at the end of my second term as Dean.  You would be amazed at what I found; or maybe not.  Old photographs of a much younger looking Dean, and things I brought with me back then, which I thought were essential, but that in most cases have not been used during the last 10 years.  Amongst the stuff are two hard-bound copies of my doctoral thesis, even though it’s been available electronically since submission. Then there is the mound of paper and records one accumulates after arriving in Canada as a landed immigrant, gaining permanent residence, and becoming a citizen.  Do I really need copies of my fingerprints?  Then there are the gems and the reminders of those little things that bring joy to the working life of a Dean.  For example, the funny card from a grateful colleague after surviving the rigors of a promotion application and/or the memento from one of my international visits and gift exchanges.  Do I really need to take that with me?   Probably not.  Memories on the other hand are personal and private and easy accessible, with or without a Wi-Fi connection!

The job is not yet finished, so I best get back to it.  Someone new moves to in the big office in Murray 156 next week.  Welcome Interim Dean, Charlene Sorensen.  Charlene, enjoy your office view of the Lesya Ukrainka Garden and the Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre, and enjoy watching the snow falling during the winter.  I’ll be writing my new blog Chronicles of a Practitioner-Researcher, which soon will be accessible from the Centre for Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (C-EBLIP) website, and watching the Pacific Ocean views.