ToqueThe prevailing model for most MOOCs these days involves the course being housed in a closed platform such as that used by Coursera. Participants must register to view the course content and materials cannot be used outside of that course. Participants usually only communicate with others in the course and sometimes not even then, and yet the first “O” in MOOC stands for “open”, something most are not.

The open course from the GMCTE is what we consider to be a truly open online course or TOOC. The course was initially built on the open source blogging platform, WordPress with all materials developed by the GMCTE carry Creative Commons licenses, allowing anyone to use, remix and share them. The course is now offered through the Canvas platform, but all materials are also still available on the WordPress site.

Finally, Jim Greer came up with the term TOOC to describe this course. We figure it’s appropriate given that Introduction to Learning Technologies is coming to you from the Canadian Prairies, where a knit hat is called a “toque”.

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  1. S.Martin
    Posted January 27, 2014 at 11:35 am | Permalink

    Thank you for this explanation.
    The clever name is great. The fact that the course is truly open is even greater.
    Well done!

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