You can download a PDF copy of the on-campus syllabus here – Introduction to Learning Technologies On-Campus Syllabus

The following is a syllabus for the open version of this course.

Course: Introduction to Learning Technologies

Instructors: Heather M. Ross, Instructional Design Specialist at GMCTE & Ryan Banow, Instructional Design Specialist at GMCTE

Location: This is an open online course. Feel free to do it wherever you please.

Course Site: This WordPress site is where all course materials can be found. For a more complete experience register at

Course Description:

Welcome to Introduction to Learning Technologies. This course will provide an introduction to how learning technologies may support student collaboration, reflection, creation, sharing and other key elements of learning and provide opportunity for you to consider how they may do so in course that you teach, and how you will for your own professional development.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Utilize learning technologies in your teaching and for your professional development
  • Evaluate various learning technologies in relation to their potential contribution to student learning
  • Create and publish digital learning resources for use in teaching
  • Discuss issues around the use of learning technologies including digital citizenship, digital literacy and access


There will be no grades given in this course. However, there will be rubrics provided for some of the activities to help you see how such assignments may be marked in your own courses.

The required activities include:

  • Posting and replying to classmates on the discussion forums on the assigned topics / activities
  • Media project (creation of a piece of educational media such as a short screencast, podcast or YouTube video)
  • Final project (some options include a portfolio or blog of your experience in this course or a course plan on how you will integrate learning technologies into your teaching).

Class Schedule:

Week / Module # Dates Topics Assessments Due
1 Jan. 12 – 18 Twitter / Digital Visitors & Residents and PLNs
2 Jan. 19 – 25 Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy, Copyright and Creative Commons
3 Jan. 26 – Feb. 1 Wikis, Google Drive and Student Response Systems
4 Feb. 2 – 8 Blogs, RSS and Flickr
5 Feb. 9 – 15 Podcasts / Screencasts and YouTube
6 Feb. 16 – 22 Skype and Google Hangouts
7 Feb. 23 – Mar. 1 Social Bookmarking and Evernote Media Projects
8 Mar. 2 – 8 ePortfolios
9 Mar. 9 – 15 Considerations When Integrating Learning Technologies
10 Mar. 16 – 22 What? So What? Now What? Final Projects Due