Google Hangouts 2015

The course offering in 2015 included ten weekly Google Hangouts. All of them are included below.

Week 1 – David White (Digital Visitors and Residents)

Week 2 – Katia Hildebrandt (Digital Citizenship)

Week 3 – Trisha Dowling (Student Response Systems)

Week 4 – Kathy Cassidy (Blogging)

Week 5 – John Boyer (YouTube in Teaching)

Week 6 – Alan Stange (Skype in the Classroom)

Week 7 – Heather M. Ross and Ryan Banow (Social Bookmarking and Evernote)

Week 8 – Tim Molnar (ePortfolios)

Week 9 – D’Arcy Norman (Considerations When Integrating Learning Technologies)

Week 10 – Heather, Ryan and a Panel of Student Participants (What Did We Get Out of the Course)

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