Media Project

In this course we are learning about podcasts and screencasts as well as how to add videos to YouTube. For this assignment you must create a podcast, screencast or other video related to learning technologies or another topic in education (this could include a video that you will use in a course you are teaching).

The length should be at least four minutes and no more than 30 minutes (yes, it’s a big range but the length of your project will depend on your purpose so we don’t want to limit you).

Whether you create a video and post it to YouTube or an audio podcast using Audacity or SoundCloud (we cover these in the course) you must share it with us through the assignment tool. We have also set up a discussion forum where you may share it with the rest of the class if you wish.

The project is due on February 22. Peer reviewers will be randomly selected to review your work and you will be assigned to review the work of others. The second rubric found here should be used for your reviews.