Final Project

For your final project for this course you will need to create an artifact involving the integration of learning technologies into something you could teach or related to your professional development. This could be for a full course (i.e. a syllabus showing how you would integrate some of what you’ve learned in this class into a course you’re teaching) or simply a portion of a course (i.e a screencast or YouTube video demonstrating a skill or concept for others to learn, a class blog or professional blog for you, a wiki with resources, etc.).

We would like you to think about the learning outcomes for this course when creating your final project. Does your project demonstrate that you can:

  • Utilize learning technologies in your teaching and for your professional development
  • Evaluate various learning technologies in relation to their potential contribution to student learning
  • Create and publish digital learning resources for use in teaching
  • Discuss issues around the use of learning technologies including digital citizenship, digital literacy and access

This doesn’t mean that you must integrate clickers into your project or create a video. We simply want you to keep these in mind when creating your project because it should, ideally, show some of the breath and depth of what you’ve learned in this class.

This assignment is due on March 22. It should be submitted through the Assignment tool, but if you wish to share it with the others in class, a discussion forum has been set up for the Final Project.