Collaborative Paper

This assignment will provide you with a chance to briefly explore and relate your opinion on a topic related to learning technologies. It will also serve as a hands-on activity for you to collaborate using a Google Doc.

Participants in the face-to-face will be placed in teams of 2-4 people for this assignment.

Teams will write a collaborative opinion paper on a topic related to the integration of learning technologies either in teaching or for professional development. The teams may pick their own specific topics, but some suggestions (just to get your brains churning) include:

  • The use of Wikipedia in higher education
  • Using technology to make courses “open”
  • The banning of devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops from classes

The paper must be created and shared with me using a Google Doc (participants registered in the face-to-face version of this course will receive my gmail address for doing this, while those in the open course do not need to share the final product with me).

The finished paper should be between 500-750 words and must include at least two references to support what you’re saying. These references do not need to be limited to peer reviewed journals or books (for example, a blog post would count for this).

Participants in the face-to-face cohort must share their papers with us by no later than midnight on Friday, February 6.

While there are no marks in this course, you do need to complete this self and team evaluation form and email it to me. You are free to use this rubric for group / team projects in your own courses as well.