Week 7 and We’re More Than Half-way Done

Good morning and welcome to Week 7 of Introduction to Learning Technologies. We are now more than half-way through the class.

Here is the usual list of links that I include for your reference:

I’m happy to note that quite a few of you seem to be actively blogging for this course and I’ve received some wonderful emails about from participants about their experiences so far. If you have any feedback about the course thus far, I would love to hear from you by email Twitter, Facebook or Google.

This week we’re looking at social bookmarking and Evernote, which is one of the must-have tools in my tool box.

Make sure that you are blogging about the assigned topics. While there are a lot of weeks that are “free”, some are not.

Please, please, if you are tweeting about the course, use the hashtag – #ilt_usask.

What You Need to Do This Week

  1. Complete the readings and watch the videos in Week 7 – Social Bookmarking and Evernote
  2. Write and add your blog post for the week. This week is another “free” week (read more about what that means in Week 7 under Activities).
  3. Comment on the blogs of some of your classmates
  4. If you haven’t already done so, add your blog (and Twitter account if you have one) to the list of course blogs – http://words.usask.ca/learning-tech/participants-blogs-and-twitter-accounts/

Reminder: If you are receiving these emails then there are no face-to-face sessions.

If you have any problems with links, videos or tools, or have any comments or questions, please contact me by email or Twitter (@mctoonish).

If you are no longer interested in taking this class at this time, please let me know so that I can remove you from this mailing list.

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