Week 4 and I Chat With John Boyer

Hello everyone and welcome to Week 4.

I had a great conversation with our first guest speaker, John Boyer, this morning via Google Hangouts. You can watch the recording of the session here:

Here is the usual list of links that I include for your reference:

Don’t forget to list your blog so that others can read what you have to say. You can add your blog to the list here – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1gdFkXqZgNLpD-2YCNb-wrgkcbly8FUsfGUPVzJgvQD4/viewform

Ryan Banow created that great Google Hangouts video, but Google seems to have made changes to the service again. We will try to get another one made in the coming weeks.

There have been some face-to-face meetings happening or are planned to happen at various institutions for those in this course. If you are meeting up with others in this class in formal or informal ways, please let me know.

If you have any feedback about the course thus far, I would love to hear from you by email Twitter, Facebook or Google.

Next week is reading week at the University of Saskatchewan so there will be no new content covered for this course, not will I be sending out my weekly email on Monday. Have a great week off.

What You Need to Do This Week

  1. Complete the readings and watch the video in Week 4 – Skype and Google Hangouts
  2. Write and add your blog post reflecting on the conversation that I had with John Boyer
  3. Comment on the blogs of some of your classmates
  4. If you haven’t already done so, add your blog (and Twitter account if you have one) to the list of course blogs – http://words.usask.ca/learning-tech/participants-blogs-and-twitter-accounts/

If you have any problems with links, videos or tools, or have any comments or questions, please contact me by email or Twitter (@mctoonish).

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