Week Three Brings Blogging

We’re starting Week 3 and I’m so happy to see the connections continue to grow on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

As promised, I’m including links to those things people requested.

I did hear from someone last week that notifications from Google+ about new posts have ended up in their spam folders. You should check your spam folder periodically to make sure that none of the emails related to this course are sitting in there.

Last week I confirmed with our first guest speaker, John Boyer, that we’ll be holding our live Google Hangout next Monday, February 10, at 11 AM Eastern. This will just be a conversation between John and me, but you can email me questions for him before then (by Thursday would be most appreciated) or Tweet your comments and questions before or during the chat. Be sure to use the course hashtag #ilt_usask to make sure that I see it. A link to watch live will be posted to the course site and Tweeted as the conversation gets under way (sorry that’s the way Hangouts work). If you can’t tune in at that time, a recording of the conversation between John and I will be posted to the course site soon after we finish chatting.

Anytime that you tweet about this course, please include the hashtag (again #ilt_usask).

What You Need to Do This Week

  1. Complete the readings and watch the videos in Week 3 – Blogs, Google Docs and Digital Citizenship
  2. Get your blog set up and create an About page telling people whose blog they are reading
  3. Write and add your first blog post. See Activities in Week 3 for information about what you should be writing for that post.
  4. If you haven’t already done so, add your blog (and Twitter account if you have one) to the list of course blogs – http://words.usask.ca/learning-tech/participants-blogs-and-twitter-accounts/
  5. Subscribe to and read the blogs of at least two of your classmates. Commenting on their posts would be a bonus.
  6. Read about John Boyer in the readings for Week 4 and send me any questions you may have for him before I speak with him on Monday.

If you have any problems with links, videos or tools, or have any comments or questions, please contact me by email or Twitter (@mctoonish).

Keep up the great work!

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