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Endangered Animals March 31, 2013

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Creating a web quest became everything I thought about these last few weeks! I was excited, worried and lastly proud that I was able to do it!  I decided to make a web quest and thought I would focus it around a unit plan I was teaching to  a Grade 4 class.  They worked on this web quest and they loved it!  They were able to find all of the information and carry out the task to the end.  I did get stuck a few times and I found this web quest site helpful, and it was able to give me enough information to keep me going.   I was also able to discover a lot more things on word press that I was not using for my blog.  I learned a lot of things and thought this was a great way to present your class with research information that is relevant and can answer the questions ahead of time.  For my introductory lesson I asked the students what sort of things they knew about endangered animals and what they were wanting to find out, this gave me the opportunity to extend my web quest to assure all of their questions could be followed through with from the links.  I will definitely be doing this again – I really enjoyed making this!


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  1. Sean Mitchell Says:

    As an animal lover I absolutely love this WebQuest! It is such a good idea. I really like that you incorporated how you can help these animals in the process. This is the best WebQuest I have seen in our class in my opinion. Such a great job!

    • jub574 Says:

      Thanks so much – the awareness it created with the students was amazing – they were bringing books that they made from researching at home and looking into adopting endangered animals! They are so motivated I hope they keep on this … if they were my class I could have researched for a much longer time!

  2. Allison de Hoop Says:

    I liked this webquest because it was an example of a webquest created for an elementary grade level, which I haven’t seen many of yet. It’s great that you had an opportunity for a true test of the webquest if you were able to actually teach with it. I also like that you added the link to the game on the conclusion page. It gives the students a sense of reward and also ensures that it isn’t just a page to read at the end: students can test their knowledge and have something further to do if they finish well before others in the class.

    Some feedback: I would put the page titles in the order they are supposed to be clicked as it might get confusing. You can do that on wordpress when you are editing a page. Along the right hand side there should be an option for page order, the default is “0” and it puts them alphabetically but you can put in any number.

    • jub574 Says:

      Thanks – I did change that, I needed some help from Heather … I am working on figuring this out but enjoy the process!

  3. John Lintott Says:

    It’s so good to hear that you actually used your webquest with a class. You might have been the only one that got to! You have to share that with us on Thursday; the pros, the cons, and what exactly they thought about it.

  4. Greg Says:

    I think this is a really effective use of a webquest. I like that the end result will be sort of like a jigsaw activity, in that each student will have a particular expertise that they can share with the class.

    • jub574 Says:

      Thanks – it actually worked really well and we placed the posters up al over the school for the students to create awareness. Of course there are things that I would change and probably will soon. –

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