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Helpful Art Links March 14, 2013

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A palette of watercolours and a brush. Creative Commons. Author: Jennifer Rensel.

In my EART 303 class our instructor shared this blog Incredible Art Design.  I really enjoy this blog and think it is a good one to share if you are interested in art or planning to teach art.  The resources are very useful for teachers and there are quite a few to check out.  Art examples are included as well as Art History lessons; it also has lesson ideas, step by step instructions with detailed explanations, assessment ideas and examples that fit and can be adapted to a wide grade range.  Incredible Art Design includes all of these things which are very useful and can help when you are planning an art lesson.   One of my favourite parts of art is art history, and the importance of art being created and not being a craft.  Here is a link to give some suggestions on making art history part of what you are teaching.   You can always adapt art to different ways that it fits with your style and your comfort level. The Smart Teacher is a web page that offers you to create personal profiles, you can have discussions, look at other resources, see featured people who are engaged in art.  It is an interesting site if you are interested in being more involved in art.


2 Responses to “Helpful Art Links”

  1. Allison de Hoop Says:

    Thanks for sharing. This is one of my areas of interest so I enjoyed grabbing some ideas, subscribing to the blog and just looking around to see what others are doing. It’s a great and contested conversation: art creation vs. crafting, especially in elementary classrooms I find.

  2. John Lintott Says:

    I like your point about the art process over art as a craft. My fiancee works at an early childhood education centre and she often tells me how her children do art, not “crafts”. One focuses on the process while the other on the result.

    Thanks for the link!

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