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Education Podcasts from the students eyes March 8, 2013

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For my ETAD 470 class we were assigned to create an educational podcast.  After several attempts of different ways to make this and different things to talk about I settled with this.  I asked four elementary students to help me by giving me some advice on what is important when teaching.  They talked about things they like, why some subjects are important, and what things they don’t think teachers should do or include in their day.  So taking it right from the experts who sit through every class have a listen to what they  think is important and what is not important.  A big thanks goes out to my helpers, you had wonderful thoughts, ideas, and laughter!!!


6 Responses to “Education Podcasts from the students eyes”

  1. Sean Mitchell Says:

    That’s great that you brought some elementary students into your podcasts! Good thinking! It’s always nice to get the opinion from students themselves. I agree with the one student, Math needs to be more fun :)

  2. Allison de Hoop Says:

    It was great to hear from your little helpers, cool idea. These answers were interesting to me: “When you’re older it will help you get a better job and you will have a wife and kids;” “And school isn’t boring, they actually make it so it’s fun for you to do;” “It’s good to learn words that you don’t know how to spell;” “like recess: it’s still learning;” “I would tell them not to flip about every little thing;”
    Also on a side note, I feel like I could really tell a lot about these students’ learning styles, attitudes toward learning and what interested them or what they thought was important. It would be neat to see how they would answer these questions in a year, in five years…

    • jub574 Says:

      I thought their answers were great! I tried to pick some helpers that would share! We had a lot of fun … I will have to share this with them when they are all older! >>> good idea!

    • John Lintott Says:

      I was just thinking about how older students would respond to these questions. It would be very interesting for schools to keep audio and video records that students can revisit in their later years. I’d like to see how they’d react to their own changes.

      Good idea getting students to help with your podcast. “Going straight to the source” is a good way to put it.

  3. Greg Says:

    Those were some very interesting answers. I though it was funny that math was boring at first, but then later they started talking about how math was everywhere, and one of the boys had that great example about doing math while you’re drinking coffee. What a great example from the top of his head!

    • jub574 Says:

      Yes I had some super quick thinkers with me! They were nervous, but I loved that they were sharing so much, I wish I could have shown their expressions when they said something they wanted to take back lol!

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