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Creating an Acceptable Use Policy using Google Docs February 25, 2013

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In my ETAD 470 class at University we were placed into groups and asked to create an Acceptable Use Policy for our future school. As a parent I have signed these for my children and read over many times over the years, but to actually sit down and spend some time looking at all of the elements involved in the Acceptable Use Policy was extremely interesting. The hardest thing I found while working on the policy was deciding what was acceptable to put into the policy and what should probably not be part of the policy. There are so many ways to implement and to incorporate things but not wanting too much or too little kept me reading and rereading the policy several times.

To work on this assignment we were required to go online and use google docs as our working template.  This took awhile to get used to, especially if you were working on it with someone else at the same time, but once we played with it a bit it was very useful.  We did not need to meet or find a time that worked for all of us, we simply did our share of the work and added comments along the way where needed.  The difficult part was the final draft because nobody wanted to delete the other perons work or suggestions.  This is a tool I would definitely use in my class.  I thought this assignment was a great way to show us how we can work together and complete an assignment efficiently without meeting in person.  Our group worked well and we were proud of our end product.  Well done group!


2 Responses to “Creating an Acceptable Use Policy using Google Docs”

  1. Allison de Hoop Says:

    I think we all are impressed by Google Drive and the excellent group work tool it is.

    It was valuable to have your point of view as a parent, something that I’m sure not all groups had the opportunity for. Like we had discussed, it was important to create something that parents would not only read, but understand.

  2. Greg Says:

    You make a good point about the difficulty encountered at the end when we needed to delete some of the material created. Sometimes face-to-face meeting is necessary. In this case, working face-to-face with the aid of technology created the right balance. This reinforces my philosophy that the Internet is a tool – an amazing one at that – but it does not replace face-to-face interaction. A healthy learning environment needs both.

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