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You Tube Video February 1, 2013

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When I saw this assignment in our syllabus I was thinking “oh thats an easy assignment!” …. Boy was I wrong … This assignment was an eye opener for me to see that not everything is as easy as it sounds and when I am creating assignments for my own students I will really need to look at what resources they need and how each assignment will affect students differently.  This was a great experience for me and a big challenge, but after 38 or so takes here it is. My First You Tube Video A one minute you tube video turned into a four hour technological experience.  Although challenging I loved it!


4 Responses to “You Tube Video”

  1. John Lintott Says:

    Teachers who create connections with their students are definitely the ones that we remember most. I really like that that the teachers inspiring you are the one’s teaching you children. You reminded me that I was mostly looking in my past for inspiring teachers when there are plenty right around me.

    • jub574 Says:

      I am very lucky to have such great teachers for my children! I see wonderful things all of the time that their teachers are doing and the are inspirational!

  2. Allison de Hoop Says:

    Thanks for sharing your challenges with this “simple assignment.” You’re not the only one! I understood exactly what you expressed when I read your words “… boy was I wrong…” and your reflection about how we as teachers need to consider resources and the affects on students.

    Your passion for your dream of teaching is very evident in your speech. Your family sounds like a wonderful support. Although not a parent myself, I appreciate the experience you can bring to teaching.

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