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Endangered Animals March 31, 2013

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Creating a web quest became everything I thought about these last few weeks! I was excited, worried and lastly proud that I was able to do it!  I decided to make a web quest and thought I would focus it around a unit plan I was teaching to  a Grade 4 class.  They worked on this web quest and they loved it!  They were able to find all of the information and carry out the task to the end.  I did get stuck a few times and I found this web quest site helpful, and it was able to give me enough information to keep me going.   I was also able to discover a lot more things on word press that I was not using for my blog.  I learned a lot of things and thought this was a great way to present your class with research information that is relevant and can answer the questions ahead of time.  For my introductory lesson I asked the students what sort of things they knew about endangered animals and what they were wanting to find out, this gave me the opportunity to extend my web quest to assure all of their questions could be followed through with from the links.  I will definitely be doing this again – I really enjoyed making this!


Let’s Be Positive! March 21, 2013

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Our job as teachers is to open the door and create a welcoming environment for our students, I believe one of the ways to start this to make sure we are thinking positively and teaching our students to do the same.  Creating a positive and happy atmosphere is easier said than done, it is something that we need to focus on daily.  Thinking about your students and knowing that their time at school might just be the best part of their days should be motivation to  lead a positive thinking environment.  This article has some tips for teaching children to think positively  and shows us the benefits of positive thinking.  Having positive classroom behaviour is key and this article provides helpful hints for laying the foundation for positive classroom behaviour.

We can find many things that are going wrong in the world everyday, but sometimes we need to dig for the happiness that is also part of our world!  Spend sometime looking and remembering the happy parts of your life and the lives of others around you ….. remember life is beautiful!  Watch Soul Pancake and see how strangers smile and create a positive memory in their lives!


Helpful Art Links March 14, 2013

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A palette of watercolours and a brush. Creative Commons. Author: Jennifer Rensel.

In my EART 303 class our instructor shared this blog Incredible Art Design.  I really enjoy this blog and think it is a good one to share if you are interested in art or planning to teach art.  The resources are very useful for teachers and there are quite a few to check out.  Art examples are included as well as Art History lessons; it also has lesson ideas, step by step instructions with detailed explanations, assessment ideas and examples that fit and can be adapted to a wide grade range.  Incredible Art Design includes all of these things which are very useful and can help when you are planning an art lesson.   One of my favourite parts of art is art history, and the importance of art being created and not being a craft.  Here is a link to give some suggestions on making art history part of what you are teaching.   You can always adapt art to different ways that it fits with your style and your comfort level. The Smart Teacher is a web page that offers you to create personal profiles, you can have discussions, look at other resources, see featured people who are engaged in art.  It is an interesting site if you are interested in being more involved in art.


Education Podcasts from the students eyes March 8, 2013

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For my ETAD 470 class we were assigned to create an educational podcast.  After several attempts of different ways to make this and different things to talk about I settled with this.  I asked four elementary students to help me by giving me some advice on what is important when teaching.  They talked about things they like, why some subjects are important, and what things they don’t think teachers should do or include in their day.  So taking it right from the experts who sit through every class have a listen to what they  think is important and what is not important.  A big thanks goes out to my helpers, you had wonderful thoughts, ideas, and laughter!!!


We Day February 28, 2013

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On February 27th, 2013 Saskatoon hosted an amazing day for students We Day. This movement engaged students and motivated them to be global leaders and to focus on being the change for the future.  We Day was founded by Craig and Marc Kielburger who are activists, humanitarians and social entrepreneurs.  Craig and Marc are two brothers whose goal is to empower youth to change the world.  I was fortunate to attend We Day and see these two men inspire 15 000 students at the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Many different celebrities attended We Day including; Hedley, Martin Sheen, Shawn Desman, Mia Farrow, the Cast of Degrassi and Karl Wolf were the celebrities who supported Saskatoon along with Marc and Craig Kielburger.  Me to We is a way to help make a change, check out the website if you would like to learn how to be part of this change.  Students in schools all over Saskatchewan are rasing money to donate towards water or adopting a village and they truly are working to make a difference.  Being part of this day brought an excitement and truly proud feeling to be with all of these inspiring students and to be part of this movement of change in Saskatchewan!


Creating an Acceptable Use Policy using Google Docs February 25, 2013

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In my ETAD 470 class at University we were placed into groups and asked to create an Acceptable Use Policy for our future school. As a parent I have signed these for my children and read over many times over the years, but to actually sit down and spend some time looking at all of the elements involved in the Acceptable Use Policy was extremely interesting. The hardest thing I found while working on the policy was deciding what was acceptable to put into the policy and what should probably not be part of the policy. There are so many ways to implement and to incorporate things but not wanting too much or too little kept me reading and rereading the policy several times.

To work on this assignment we were required to go online and use google docs as our working template.  This took awhile to get used to, especially if you were working on it with someone else at the same time, but once we played with it a bit it was very useful.  We did not need to meet or find a time that worked for all of us, we simply did our share of the work and added comments along the way where needed.  The difficult part was the final draft because nobody wanted to delete the other perons work or suggestions.  This is a tool I would definitely use in my class.  I thought this assignment was a great way to show us how we can work together and complete an assignment efficiently without meeting in person.  Our group worked well and we were proud of our end product.  Well done group!


Motivation February 6, 2013

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Motivation is what drives us in the field of education. Educators need to provide the best learning experiences and the best motivation for this comes from the students! In my psychology class our professor shared this video with us and I thought it was very motivating! Words from 12 year old Dallas student Dalton Sherman, provide educators with a motivational speech to encourage students to believe in themselves.  His excitement and smile is something educators would wish for all of their students.  He is inspirational, have a look and enjoy the words from an inspiring student!


You Tube Video February 1, 2013

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When I saw this assignment in our syllabus I was thinking “oh thats an easy assignment!” …. Boy was I wrong … This assignment was an eye opener for me to see that not everything is as easy as it sounds and when I am creating assignments for my own students I will really need to look at what resources they need and how each assignment will affect students differently.  This was a great experience for me and a big challenge, but after 38 or so takes here it is. My First You Tube Video A one minute you tube video turned into a four hour technological experience.  Although challenging I loved it!


Stand by Me January 28, 2013

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This site has a series of videos created of  musicians from all over the world creating music.  The movement is called Playing for a Change and is was created to inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music.  There are 73 videos posted on this site and they are absolutely inspirational to watch.   A mobile recording studio was created and the producers travelled all over the worl to make music together.  The focus of playing for a change is to teach that there are no distances or boundaries between people.  The producers are showing everyone how music unites everyone and that we are all the same.  These videos and the stories behind them would be wonderful to show in your classroom, they could be used to introduce lessons in health, citizenship, social, music and art or to just start your day off in a feel good sort of way!  Visit Playing for a Change and check it out!


Art in the Classroom January 21, 2013

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This blog was recommended to me by a teacher who is currently working with some of these art activities in her classroom.  There is a great variety and some wonderful ideas.  Step by step directions with pictures to follow.  The blog is created by a Kindergarten to Grade 12 art teacher … check it out! A Faithful Attempt