Northern Ontario Election Commission Starts Consultations

Hearings have started for a commission looking for solutions on how to better represent Ontario’s far north in the provincial legislature. Currently there are only two ridings in northern Ontario, Timmins-James Bay and Kenora Rainy River. These two ridings cover 588,382 square kilometres. Toronto Centre in comparison covers just 13 square kilometres.

By Erik White, CBC News Posted: Jun 07, 2017

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FSIN Supports New Prosecutor Petition In Colton Boushie Case

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations recently passed a resolution supporting a new Crown prosecutor and a out of province lead investigator in the Colton Boushie case. Boushie was a 22 year old resident of the Red Pheasant First Nation who was shot and killed at Gerald Stanley’s farm resulting in a second-degree murder charge.

The Canadian Press Published on: May 19, 2017

First Indigenous Women Named RCMP Commanding Officer

Recently, Deputy Commissioner Brenda Butterworth-Carr was appointed as the new commanding officer of, ‘E’ Division of the RCMP, the largest in the country. Butterworth-Carr is a member of the Tr’ondek Hwech’in Han Nation in Yukon and joined the force as a native special constable in 1987. She also was commander of the Saskatchewan division from 2013 to 2016.

The Canadian Press March 2, 2017

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