Northern Ontario Election Commission Starts Consultations

Hearings have started for a commission looking for solutions on how to better represent Ontario’s far north in the provincial legislature. Currently there are only two ridings in northern Ontario, Timmins-James Bay and Kenora Rainy River. These two ridings cover 588,382 square kilometres. Toronto Centre in comparison covers just 13 square kilometres.

By Erik White, CBC News Posted: Jun 07, 2017

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Saskatchewan Auditor Critical of Low Indigenous Graduation Rate

The latest report from Saskatchewan’s Provincial Auditor found that only 42% of Indigenous students graduated from high school in Saskatchewan last year. That’s exactly half that of the non-Indigenous student graduation rate of 84%. In 2011 the Indigenous graduation rate was 33% and the government says its goal is to raise that to at least 65% by 2020.

CBC News Posted: Jun 06, 2017

Former U.S. Embassy To Become Indigenous Centre?

CBC News is reporting that the former United States embassy building, closed for almost 20 years is to be repurposed as a space devoted to Inuit, Métis, and First Nations peoples. Prime Minister Jean Chrétien had originally planned a portrait gallery for the building, but Stephen Harper cancelled that proposal and the building has sat vacant ever since.

By Catherine Cullen, CBC News Posted: Jun 06, 2017