Nunavut Nine Year Old Hockey Player Wins Gold At Czech Tournament

Atiatalaaq Uuttuvak from Pond Inlet, NU or ‘Q’ as he’s known in the hockey world, won gold recently at the Warrior Elite Series Europe tournament in the Czech Republic. Already drawing comparisons at age 9 to New Jersey Devils forward Jordan Tootoo ‘Q’ has been invited back to play tournaments in Norway and Sweden next summer.

By Nick Murray, CBC News Posted: Aug 16, 2015

Carding, or ‘Street Check’ Statistics Across Canada

A recent study by the Globe and Mail on carding contacted 21 police departments across Canada revealing that the practice is common, unregulated and data gathered if often kept indefinitely. The Saskatoon Police Service were found to have the highest report rate of the practice. Several police departments, including Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg refused to disclose carding figures.

Kristy Hoffman, Patrick White and Danielle Webb The Globe and Mail Published Monday, Aug. 17, 2015

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