Proposed Nunavut University Promoted As Inspiration For Inuit Culture

A long proposed Inuit University is getting a renewed incentive courtesy of Quebec-based mining company Agnico Eagle which operates a gold mine in Nunavut. The $5 million would be ‘seed money’ to start getting the institution off the drawing board. Canada is the only Arctic nation that doesn’t have a university in its northern region.

By Bob Weber, The Canadian Press Posted: May 17, 2015

Opinion: Bill C-51 Has Potential To Scoop Up Aboriginal Rights Activists

In a recent opinion piece for CBC, Saskatoon based writer, Doug Cuthand says that the Harper Government’s Bill C-51 has the potential to apprehend aboriginal rights, activists, and anyone else seen to be in the way of national security. The act’s interpretation states that it applies to any activity that “undermines the sovereignty, security or territorial integrity of Canada or the lives or the security of the people of Canada.”

CBC News Posted: May 06, 2015

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Non-Native Kahnawake Resident Driven Off Reserve

mixed-race couple on the Kahnawake reserve have been driven out after protesters gathered outside their residence demanding that they leave. There are conflicting reports regarding the basis of the demands, with some stating it is because of his criminal past, while others state it is because he is not native. In 1981 the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake voted in a policy banning non-native residency on the reserve located south of Montreal, PQ.

CBC News Posted: May 18, 2015

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