Prime Minister Dismisses Calls For Inquiry On Violence Against Aboriginal Women

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, responding to questions from Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair refused to commit to a national public inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women. Human Rights Watch recently released a report recommending that the government establish a national commission of inquiry into the murders and disappearances of aboriginal women and girls.
By Michael Woods, Postmedia News February 13, 2013

Human Rights Watch Accuses RCMP of Abusing Aboriginal Women

Human Rights Watch, an international human rights organization, has called the Canadian Federal Government to start a national inquiry into claims by aboriginal women of abuse and threats by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers in northern British Columbia. The request is stemming from a study conducted by two researchers last summer in the northern part of the province.
CBC News Posted: Feb 13, 2013

Indian Industrial School Graves To Be Protected

Regina, Saskatchewan city officials have stated their intention to protect the site containing graves at the former Indian Industrial School located just west of the city. The Regina Indian Industrial School operated between 1891 and 1910. It was then converted to a municipal jail and, later, it was used as a home for delinquent youths. It burned down in 1948.
CBC News Posted: Feb 11, 2013