Canadian Armed Forces Aboriginal Targeted Recruitment Ads Found Offensive

Recent proposed Canadian Forces recruitment advertisements aimed an aboriginal audience were found to be, “offensive to the point of being comical”, according to a new report. Six focus groups of aboriginals aged 18-34 were surveyed and six non-aboriginal groups were questioned as well. The Canadian Forces have made a priority of have a compliment of personnel to better reflect Canada’s population makeup.

FSIN Wants Input on Indian Act

The Saskatchewan Federation of Indian Nations (FSIN) is asking for input into possible changes to the 100 year old Indian Act after a Saskatchewan Member of Parliament (MP), Rob Clarke launched a website last week containing a survey section regarding the proposed bill which has already passed the first reading in the House of Commons. Clarke recently spoke at an FSIN assembly, but did not allow questions or seek input from the leaders present.

Saskatchewan Government Funding Metis Education Research

The Government of Saskatchewan has announced funding of $200,000 for the Métis Nation Saskatchewan (MNS) to support research on improving Métis education and employment outcomes. This funding will support work being done by the Joint Task Force on First Nations and Métis Education and Employment. For more information on the Joint Task Force on First Nations and Métis Education and Employment please visit

Northern Greenhouse Research RFP

After being called out by the United Nations Special Rapporeur on the Right to Food over Arctic food insecurity earlier this year, the Government of Canada put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) to study greenhouses for the North. Heather Exner-Pirot of the University of Saskatchewan’s International Centre for Northern Governance and Development, states that commercially viable northern greenhouses are, “absolutely” feasible.
ANNA MEHLER PAPERNY The Globe and Mail Monday, Jul. 16 2012