Critics Say Crime Bill Targets Aboriginals

Gabrielle Giroday reports in the Winnipeg Free Press on October 25th, 2011 how Winnipeg social service groups held a news conference last week to discuss the omnibus crime bill C-10 which they feel unfairly targets aboriginal people and women. Five speakers spoke at the event, all opposing the bill.

2 thoughts on “Critics Say Crime Bill Targets Aboriginals

  1. I am more than curious to find out what programs and services are in place to address the 16 to 24 age group. Considering we have countless resources and a bottomless pit of money to hire a consulting firm to the tune of 90,000$ a day to focus on cutting services and costs. Surely they must have a grand scheme that I am far too simplistic to understand. I guess there is no bail out for children facing poverty and neglect.I wonder where they are headed.

  2. I think they could take a crime bill approach and challenge childhood obesity.Considering how successful these heavily funded programs that tackle physical activity and little else. The results speak for themselves. is a human rights program that no one need spend a penny on. I ,and my Family will pay for it.
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