Remembering Lloyd Barber

Doug Cuthand, columnist with the Saskatoon StarPhoenix recalls, in the September 23rd, 2011 edition, the contributions of Lloyd Barber, who died recently. Lloyd Barber was a past president of the University of Regina and also was Indian Claims Commissioner. Cuthand cites Barber’s contributions in assisting in the policy of “Indian control of eduction” which was adopted by the National Indian Brotherhood in 1972.

Surui Tribe in Brazil Save Rainforest by Using Technology

In the Brazilian Amazon there is a tribe that, once almost destroyed by Western Culture, is using Western Technology to save the rainforest around them. When the Surui tribe was first contacted by outsiders in 1969, population numbers quickly fell, due mostly to the introduction of chicken pox. Today the tribe uses the INTERNET and Google Earth to help battle deforestation of the forest they live in. The chief, Almir Narayamogo, talks about satellite images, planting tress, and the carbon dioxide he sells to the global emissions market. The Surui will be one of the first Indigenous peoples that will be paid to preserve the forest around them.

SIAST Promotes Aboriginal Student Achievement Plan

The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) is implementing the Aboriginal Student Achievement Plan (ASAP). In 2008 a committee was struck to review Aboriginal student success at SIAST, including the identification of barriers to recruitment and student retention issues. The committee released a report of the findings and recommendations which became the basis for a 5 year action plan to increase Aboriginal student success at SIAST.

Saskatoon Word On The Street Festival Includes Many Aboriginal Artists and Performers

The Word On The Street Festival will be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on 23rd Street East between 3rd and 4th Avenue, in the Frances Morrison Library, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, September 25th, 2011.
There will be 32 author readings and performances including Yann Martel and Sandra Birdsell, Judith Benninger, Rita Bouvier, Bev Brenna, David Carpenter, Don Kerr, Don Freed, Don’t Mind Us improv comedy duo, and a poetry slam where the judges are members of the audience.

Romeo Saganash Enters NDP Leadership Contest

Romeo Saganash, NDP MP for Abitibi-James Bay-Nunavik-Eyou says, “I may be a rookie MP, but I’m not a rookie politician”. To alleviate questions regarding his experience, he cites his 25 years spent in Cree politics, often working with Quebec’s National Assembly. Pundits note that he’s facing an uphill battle for the NDP leadership as only 2,000 of the 85,000 to 90,000 NDP members are from Quebec. Saganash feels that being a relative unknown outside of Quebec may actually be an advantage because people may listen more attentively to what he says.