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FREE Online Training Videos – Coming SOON

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Back by popular demand, FREE online software training videos are available for your use. Learn new software, creative techniques and business skills. Learn at your own pace, when and where you want. Complete the request form on the Online Training Library Channel on the PD & Training Tab, and within 48 hours, you will have access to the vast video library of Lynda.com for up to a 2-week period. Accounts are distributed as they are made available depending on availablity and may be requested as needed. You may request a reactivation of your account as needed, and your training history will remain.
Look for the channel at the end of October. Make use of this valuable resource.

Date Shortcuts and Functions

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Have you ever wondered how to get the current date to change especially in a template? Here are just a few quick tips on Date functions and shortcuts in Microsoft Excel and Word…
To enter the current date and time into a worksheet cell type =NOW() which will display both the date and time based on the regional settings for your Windows environment. If you just want the date, type =TODAY() . These functions update every time Excel is opened or printed.
If you need to enter the current date so that it won’t change, press CTRL ; or : . Press CTRL SHIFT ; for the time. Using these shortcuts is the equivalent to typing a date or time. Remember to format a date with the preferred display rather than typing month names longhand.
The keyboard shortcut for inserting the current date into a Word Document is ALT SHIFT D. This date is updated every time you open the document.
To insert the current date as fixed text – press CTRL SHIFT F9 when the cursor is inside the date field added with the above shortcut. This is the equivalent of selecting the Date button in the Text panel on the Insert ribbon.

Training for U of S Course Tools / BBLearn

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For all those teaching using U of S Course Tools / BBlearn this year, you may want to attend training on this software. A fair number of inquiries we see have to do with simple tasks with Course Tools. This information is covered in a short, 1.5 hour training session. We show you how to post notes, create assignments, communicate with students, and access the Grade Book. We have identified the most common questions asked by instructors, and created FAQs on the help pages (accessible from within your Course Tools / BBLearn course). So, register for a Course Tools / BBLearn Introduction course, or request a private session for your group or self.
We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you take a training session before you start using the software. Attending training will make using Course Tools / BBLearn much easier on yourself!
Contact us at training@usask.ca for more information.

Save time with the MS Word Navigation Pane

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For those of you savvy enough to be incorporating Word’s built-in heading styles because they allow you to create a TOC in virtually two mouse clicks, don’t forget to add the Word 2010 Navigation Pane to your favorite tools arsenal. Located under the View tab, this feature displays your document org structure along with simple click and drag outline manipulation.
With the Navigation Pane displayed, quickly navigate to a desired section by clicking on the associated heading or right-click to display a menu of document organization features. Best of all, drag and drop section headings to conveniently reposition multiple paragraphs or pages without copying and pasting!
P.S. Many might believe this feature is new but in MS Word 2007 (and earlier), it exists under a different handle called the Document Map. For more information pertaining to styles and long document preparation, register today for a Styles/ Outlining/TOC’s seminar.

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Adobe TV is Free

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Before you get all excited, this is not a TV but a channel of FREE training videos on almost all Adobe products. We offer face to face training in many of the Adobe Creative Suite titles, but for those of you wanting a quick overview or have a specific topic you need to learn now, visit http://tv.adobe.com/. Contact us for your training needs.

Myth: I have to spend hours building a table of contents in Word.

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Myth: I have to take hours building a table of contents in Word. Every time I change something in the long document, like adding a chapter, I must add that manually to the table of contents.
Fact: Using Styles in Word, you can automate this process and save yourself hours of time. Let us show you how…..
In fact, there are many shortcuts in every piece of software you use. Don’t spend hours frustrated and confused. We have many short courses and online resources just for you. Contact Us for more information.

IT4U – Preparing for the 2012-13 Academic Year

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IT4U was created to assess the Information Technology skills of students, report findings, create recommendations and address areas that require improvements. IT4U provides opportunity to assess student-computing skills and direct them to the resources they need to effectively utilize software tools.
During the “slower” summer months, we’ve been busily making changes to the service and how it will be offered in the future. The mainstays of the IT4U service (workshops, drop-in help and online resources) will remain intact but the delivery of these services may differ from previous years.
Workshops and seminars will continued to be offered via the IT4U website (and Training Services). Check the website for current listings. Custom IT4U workshops (as requested by faculty/instructors) are a primary focus for the upcoming year. If a class would like a session in Word, Excel or another application – it’s as easy as requesting a session from IT4U.
Drop-in help will be assumed by the ICT Help Desk.
Provision of quality online resources remains a stronghold for the IT4U service. By populating the IT4U website and the ITS Training YouTube channel with quality resources – IT4U intends to keep you connected to information you need whenever you need it.
If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email – IT4U@usask.ca

Summer Time – Slow Down and Take a Course From Us!

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June is the perfect month to take a short course to brush up on Excel, Word, Outlook, or PowerPoint skills. Many of our offerings are less than 2 hours and will provide you with a multitude of tips. Now is the perfect time to enroll in a class on how to use your iPad effectively, or the find all the cool features of your Mac. We also offer custom training so if you are struggling with how to use your Windows operating system, or want to know how to work with images, contact us.
See our website for our latest offerings. Happy Training!

Adobe CS6 – Now Available!

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If you are a creative professional, you are likely very aware of Adobe’s latest release – Creative Suite 6 (CS6).
The newest version of the Creative Suite strengthens Adobe’s bond between designers and the digital landscape. CS6 focuses on demanding design world where speed, interactivity and functionality are paramount. In addition to a mixture of suite options (Design, Production, Master, etc) Adobe rolled out a brand new option – Creative Cloud. The Creative Cloud is a membership-style license at a fraction of the sticker price. It’s a nice option albiet in the short-run.
Of course, CS6 is adorned with all the “bells and whistles” expected in a full-version release. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Premiere have all received a couple great new functions.
The Training Services lab is currently hosting Adobe Creative Suite 5.5. Although, it’s not quite CS6, our instructors are capable of demonstrating the existing and current operations of many of your favourite Adobe programs.
To find out more, please visit the Training Services website.

Having issues with our new website?

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If you have experienced trouble registering for courses on our website, we are working hard to fix the glitches. Internet Explorer seems to be causing the most problems, so if you can, use Firefox or Safari or Google Chrome. If none of those sound familiar to you, send us an email at its.training@usask.ca or call 306-966-4800 and we can assist you. All non-campus clients can now request an account for the U of S (which is used on our website for log in). All campus clients can now use NSID login, but if you used an email in the past, you may have to merge your accounts together. Again, if this is foreign sounding to you, give us a call or send an email. This login provides you with a unique user identification that you would continue to use to log in and self register in our courses.
Being registered and logged into our website allows you to add your name to notification lists, self register, remove a registration and update your user account. You will also have access to all of the resources we have collected and posted for our users.
Let us know how we can address your training needs!