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Courses available at lynda.usask.ca

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Access lynda.usask.ca  for thousands of online videos with topics that include:


  • Body Language for Leaders
  • Going Paperless: Start to Finish
  • Up and Running with Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Web and Web Design:

  • jQuery Essential Training
  • Illustrator CC for Web Design: Core Concepts


  • Access Essential Training
  • Excel Pivot Tables in Depth


  • After Effects Tips and Techniques: Rendering and Exporting

Date Shortcuts and Functions

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Have you ever wondered how to get the current date to change especially in a template? Here are just a few quick tips on Date functions and shortcuts in Microsoft Excel and Word…
To enter the current date and time into a worksheet cell type =NOW() which will display both the date and time based on the regional settings for your Windows environment. If you just want the date, type =TODAY() . These functions update every time Excel is opened or printed.
If you need to enter the current date so that it won’t change, press CTRL ; or : . Press CTRL SHIFT ; for the time. Using these shortcuts is the equivalent to typing a date or time. Remember to format a date with the preferred display rather than typing month names longhand.
The keyboard shortcut for inserting the current date into a Word Document is ALT SHIFT D. This date is updated every time you open the document.
To insert the current date as fixed text – press CTRL SHIFT F9 when the cursor is inside the date field added with the above shortcut. This is the equivalent of selecting the Date button in the Text panel on the Insert ribbon.

Save time with the MS Word Navigation Pane

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For those of you savvy enough to be incorporating Word’s built-in heading styles because they allow you to create a TOC in virtually two mouse clicks, don’t forget to add the Word 2010 Navigation Pane to your favorite tools arsenal. Located under the View tab, this feature displays your document org structure along with simple click and drag outline manipulation.
With the Navigation Pane displayed, quickly navigate to a desired section by clicking on the associated heading or right-click to display a menu of document organization features. Best of all, drag and drop section headings to conveniently reposition multiple paragraphs or pages without copying and pasting!
P.S. Many might believe this feature is new but in MS Word 2007 (and earlier), it exists under a different handle called the Document Map. For more information pertaining to styles and long document preparation, register today for a Styles/ Outlining/TOC’s seminar.

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Adobe TV is Free

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Before you get all excited, this is not a TV but a channel of FREE training videos on almost all Adobe products. We offer face to face training in many of the Adobe Creative Suite titles, but for those of you wanting a quick overview or have a specific topic you need to learn now, visit http://tv.adobe.com/. Contact us for your training needs.

IT4U – Preparing for the 2012-13 Academic Year

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IT4U was created to assess the Information Technology skills of students, report findings, create recommendations and address areas that require improvements. IT4U provides opportunity to assess student-computing skills and direct them to the resources they need to effectively utilize software tools.
During the “slower” summer months, we’ve been busily making changes to the service and how it will be offered in the future. The mainstays of the IT4U service (workshops, drop-in help and online resources) will remain intact but the delivery of these services may differ from previous years.
Workshops and seminars will continued to be offered via the IT4U website (and Training Services). Check the website for current listings. Custom IT4U workshops (as requested by faculty/instructors) are a primary focus for the upcoming year. If a class would like a session in Word, Excel or another application – it’s as easy as requesting a session from IT4U.
Drop-in help will be assumed by the ICT Help Desk.
Provision of quality online resources remains a stronghold for the IT4U service. By populating the IT4U website and the ITS Training YouTube channel with quality resources – IT4U intends to keep you connected to information you need whenever you need it.
If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email – IT4U@usask.ca

APA 6th Edition Style Changes

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Well it looks like there has been an update to the style requirements in the APA standards, 6th edition. For those of you who are using the APA guide for creating a paper or a thesis, there is a style change that will impact standard style application in MS Word!
The updated Heading styles, levels three through five, now require two different style traits in a single paragraph. This can be achieved by applying a character or linked style to the actual header text but the challenge is then one of displaying only the selected text in the TOC or Navigation Pane (Document Map).
To achieve the correct display without compromising any MS Word automation, apply the built-in Heading 3 style; modify and update it as required. To join the following paragraph to this heading without altering any of the style attributes, press CTRL-ALT-Enter at the end of the heading text. Of course the same instructions apply for Heading styles four and five.
Just a heads up, APA templates do not include predefined styles for the new changes – they only include up to Heading 2 so if you want more information on this, contact its.training@usask.ca or better yet, sign up for a Styles and Outlining seminar on the ITS Training website.

Writing a Thesis or Dissertation?

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We know that writing a thesis or dissertation can be difficult and time consuming. All of your research must be put into a logical and orderly sequence, which can be frustrating in itself.
But we also know a better way. Are you tired of fighting with Word to get the results you need? Having trouble creating a Table of Contents? Do you know what Styles are? (Besides the trendy clothes you see carefree undergrads wearing). Knowing how to efficiently format your document can translate into hours saved in the editing process!

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Lynda.com – Software Training Videos

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In the moments that you don’t have time to seek out in-person assistance or read through another online tutorial – may we suggest accessing Lynda.com?
The Lynda.com Online Training Library includes training in the latest software tools and creative techniques—with videos on Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, digital photography, web design and development, digital video, 3D, animation, and much more. The library also includes videos offering inspiration and insight from today’s leading creative professionals.
University of Saskatchewan students, faculty and staff may enjoy access to Lynda.com via two training kiosks located in the Murray library (in front of room 134). ITS is currently exploring broader access to Lynda.com or similar services.
Lynda.com also offers FREE viewing of many titles through its YouTube LyndaPodcast channel.

Why use a password manager? Why not?

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In light of recent news that a popular e-commerce site was hacked, the use of password manager programs is becoming more talked about in circles outside the tech world. But why use a password manager?
If you currently use more than three different passwords, a password manager can help you use the right type of passwords, not your pet’s name followed by the year you graduated high school (admit it, one or more of your passwords looks like this).
Password managers work by storing all of the password information for the websites you use in an encrypted file, managed by a single application or web-based service.
The password manger remembers all of your login info for you, so you can make all of your passwords super secure strings of meaningless alphanumerical sequences without having to actually memorize them!

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Want to take your Christmas snapshots to the next level?

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ITS Training Services offers a variety of Photoshop offerings for all skill levels! From beginner to advanced and everyone in between, we’ve got offerings for everyone!
Learn to do simple retouching, work with layers, or add a touch of polish (and more!) to your family snaps this season!

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