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IT4U – Preparing for the 2012-13 Academic Year

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IT4U was created to assess the Information Technology skills of students, report findings, create recommendations and address areas that require improvements. IT4U provides opportunity to assess student-computing skills and direct them to the resources they need to effectively utilize software tools.
During the “slower” summer months, we’ve been busily making changes to the service and how it will be offered in the future. The mainstays of the IT4U service (workshops, drop-in help and online resources) will remain intact but the delivery of these services may differ from previous years.
Workshops and seminars will continued to be offered via the IT4U website (and Training Services). Check the website for current listings. Custom IT4U workshops (as requested by faculty/instructors) are a primary focus for the upcoming year. If a class would like a session in Word, Excel or another application – it’s as easy as requesting a session from IT4U.
Drop-in help will be assumed by the ICT Help Desk.
Provision of quality online resources remains a stronghold for the IT4U service. By populating the IT4U website and the ITS Training YouTube channel with quality resources – IT4U intends to keep you connected to information you need whenever you need it.
If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email – IT4U@usask.ca