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APA 6th Edition Style Changes

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Well it looks like there has been an update to the style requirements in the APA standards, 6th edition. For those of you who are using the APA guide for creating a paper or a thesis, there is a style change that will impact standard style application in MS Word!
The updated Heading styles, levels three through five, now require two different style traits in a single paragraph. This can be achieved by applying a character or linked style to the actual header text but the challenge is then one of displaying only the selected text in the TOC or Navigation Pane (Document Map).
To achieve the correct display without compromising any MS Word automation, apply the built-in Heading 3 style; modify and update it as required. To join the following paragraph to this heading without altering any of the style attributes, press CTRL-ALT-Enter at the end of the heading text. Of course the same instructions apply for Heading styles four and five.
Just a heads up, APA templates do not include predefined styles for the new changes – they only include up to Heading 2 so if you want more information on this, contact its.training@usask.ca or better yet, sign up for a Styles and Outlining seminar on the ITS Training website.

A NEW Survey Tool…

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The U of S provides two different tools for creating and managing surveys. These tools enable University of Saskatchewan instructors‚ researchers‚ employees‚ and students create and administer web-based surveys for research and administrative purposes. All current instructors‚ employees‚ and students of the University of Saskatchewan can use these survey tools free of charge.
FluidSurveys is the new, modern survey tool that is now available for use by requesting manually created accounts. Contact the help desk for more information.
The U of S Survey Tool is still available for legacy users, or people who still desire tight integration with other U of S systems.
Links, information and manual for both survey tools can be found at survey.usask.ca. Training Services will provide an overview of the service to groups as requested.
Contact us for more information.

Can a computer monitor save your posture?

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As technology becomes a bigger part of our lives, we have the tendency to sit in front of a screen for hours at a time. And I don’t know about you, but the longer I sit at my workstation, the slouchier I get!
Phillips’ new Ergo Sensor monitor might just change that! The 24-inch, 1920 x 1080 display has a sensor in its bezel that watches you while you work, and warns you when your posture becomes poor or if you’ve been staring at the screen too long. It can also inform users how to set up the monitor for optimal viewing distance and ergonomic position.
No word yet on cost or when it will hit Canada, check out the specs here!