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Master list of OS X keyboard shortcuts

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This is less of a hint than a suggestion for a bookmark in your favorite web browser. Apple has a page listing dozens of standard keyboard shortcuts you can use at start-up, with the Finder, and with many applications. If you’re a keyboard person, rather than a mouse person, you may find some shortcuts here that you didn’t know. At a minimum, it’s worth bookmarking this page to have a list of keys to press at startup, if you need to change boot disks, boot in Safe mode or boot from an optical disc (if your Mac still supports that).

New Site for Training Services

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Training Services has a new website which launches this week. Your account will remain intact, and new users will find it easier to create an account, and register for our courses. If you have any questions, or require assistance with registrations, contact us at its.training@usask.ca

Writing a Thesis or Dissertation?

Posted in Did you Know? on March 12, 2012 by

We know that writing a thesis or dissertation can be difficult and time consuming. All of your research must be put into a logical and orderly sequence, which can be frustrating in itself.
But we also know a better way. Are you tired of fighting with Word to get the results you need? Having trouble creating a Table of Contents? Do you know what Styles are? (Besides the trendy clothes you see carefree undergrads wearing). Knowing how to efficiently format your document can translate into hours saved in the editing process!

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