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Collaborate with Others

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Did you know you can collaborate with others on Campus, and off, by using the WIKI tool? A WIKI can be set up as a shared space where users can build pages, add tables, insert calendars, attach documents of all kinds and create flow charts. The WIKI space can be accessed at any time to allow users to contribute to the information held in the space. Emails can be sent when changes are made, pdf’s may be produced from WIKI pages and a history of all changes is saved in the WIKI.
Students may find this useful to collaborate with other students on projects, instructors may wish to allow students to help complete course notes, and staff may find the WIKI useful in tracking weekly meeting minutes and report writing.
For more information, see wiki.usask.ca

Why use a password manager? Why not?

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In light of recent news that a popular e-commerce site was hacked, the use of password manager programs is becoming more talked about in circles outside the tech world. But why use a password manager?
If you currently use more than three different passwords, a password manager can help you use the right type of passwords, not your pet’s name followed by the year you graduated high school (admit it, one or more of your passwords looks like this).
Password managers work by storing all of the password information for the websites you use in an encrypted file, managed by a single application or web-based service.
The password manger remembers all of your login info for you, so you can make all of your passwords super secure strings of meaningless alphanumerical sequences without having to actually memorize them!

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It’s a new year – learn something new!!

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Training Services is wishing everyone a Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed a restful holiday season.
Traditionally the new year sparks a host of new year’s resolutions, many that focus on self-improvement. With that in mind, we would love to teach you something new. Are you interested in editing you holiday pictures? Updating your website? Using your email more efficiently? Perfecting an Excel formula? Presenting a polished PowerPoint presentation?
Training Services offers a broad range of software-related courses. If we have piqued your interest, visit our website.
We even offer customized courses. Contact us to find out more!
All the best in 2012!!