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Do YOU know what type of chart best fits your data?

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Charts help you visualize numeric data in a graphical format, allowing you to see trends and relationships more clearly. The problem is there are just too many types of charts to choose from! There are bar charts, bubble charts, pie charts, and line charts, just to name a few.
Many students struggle with the line graph they’ve been told to create for their lab, when the type of chart they need to use is really a scatterplot.
IT4U offers student friendly, free workshops to help explain exactly what chart to use for the type of data you’re working with. Find out more about IT4U’s Proper Graph for Data workshop or visit Dummies.com for a short breakdown of How to Choose the Right Chart Type in Excel.

It’s time for YOUR feedback

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Over the past three years, IT4U has enjoyed a lot of success. We’ve welcomed entire theaters of undergraduates, eased the minds of parents at orientation, taught countless software seminars, assisted numerous instructors and helped hundreds of “drop-in” students at our Murray office. We’ve certainly had a good run!
Despite our achievements, partnerships and growth, IT4U is looking to evolve. The IT4U concept was developed out of student feedback and we are seeking your advice as we forward the service.
How can you improve IT4U?
Within the next few weeks, IT4U is releasing a NEW IT Student Survey. Stay tuned!
Beyond the survey, IT4U is also arranging multiple focus groups. The groups will have brief meetings a few times each term. The focus groups sessions allow participants to relay their personal technology-related experiences throughout the year.
If you’re interest in the FOCUS GROUP, information related to the focus groups is provided at the end of the IT Student Survey…or send us an email (it4u@usask.ca)
We are also focused on capturing a “snapshot” of your software skills (primarily Microsoft Office). IT4U is providing a second IT Skills Assessment survey. Information is available at the end of the IT Student Survey.
If you have any questions about the IT4U service, the study, focus groups or skills assessment, please drop us an email: it4u@usask.ca
We look forward to hearing from you!!
134 Murray

Help Yourself

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Help Yourself to anyone of our videos. These are available on YouTube by searching for ITSTraining. Videos on Wikis, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Course Tools are listed so sit back, and watch. All of our Training Courses listed on the Training Website contain the top ten resources our instructors find useful. Simply select a course name, and the list is visible within the course description area. We are continually adding to and updating each course so check back there often.