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Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) Courses

Posted in Did you Know? on June 4, 2010 by

Training Services is currently adding additional sessions to the list of course offerings. However, these courses have a slight twist. In order to add courses without having to purchase licenses for an entire lab, we are offering a few sessions in the new “bring you own laptop” category (or BYOL).
In most cases, participants own a laptop and own software that they wish to learn. In a logical step forward, participants will work and learn on their own machines while in the training lab. Participants wishing to test an application could choose to install the trial version of the desired software. In Adobe’s case, a trial period lasts an entire month, allowing a perspective buyer to adequately test the software.
Look for select titles to be added as BYOL labs. Of course, participants are welcome to bring their own laptop to regular training sessions.
Currently, Adobe Flash Catalyst and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom are being offered as BYOL.

Welcome to the world of iPad!

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The iPad hit the international scene on May 28th. As of that morning, many units were appearing around campus and in offices of Information Technology staffers. Embracing the new tech, we’ve added the iPad to our blog.
The expanded screen area of the iPad has added to the easy-to-use interface that iPhone and iPod touch users have enjoyed for some time. Many of your favorite applications have be re-released to accommodate the increased resolution.
One of the updated applications is GoodReader. At $.99, the application provides a lot of processing punch without a heavy hit in the wallet.
Within moments of downloading GoodReader, you’ll be transferring files directly from your computer over a Wi-Fi connection, from the Internet or from email attachments. It also easily integrates with MobileMe iDisk, box.net, MyDisk.se and other popular WebDAV servers, and also with non-WebDAV services like Google Docs and Dropbox.
For UofS users, you can connect to network drives like Folder or Cabinet. To Connect type the following into the WebDAV settings in GoodReader: https://webshare.usask.ca/cabinet/abc123
Be sure to add your NSID in place of abc123.
Stay tuned for more iPad news!