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Mac Tips – iCal

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When you add an event to your iCal calendar, you can do much more than simply name it and specify a date and time. iCal can remind you of upcoming events, arrange participants for meetings, and even make sure you have the right files for a meeting.
To access iCal’s hidden features, simply double-click on the event’s name then click the Edit button.
To invite other participants to an iCal event, just type their email addresses into the Attendees field. When you’ve added the desired contacts and event details, click Send, and Apple Mail will email the event request. If the event changes, you can send an update with the revised information.
But the options don’t stop there. You can assign customized, color-coded categories to help keep track of work projects, personal appointments, and other commitments. Set up recurring events via the repeat menu — which allows for custom recurrences in addition to daily, weekly, monthly, and annual events. To create an event that continues an entire day(s), click the “all-day” checkbox.
You can ask iCal to remind you of your upcoming events through a alarm function, which issues one or more event reminders via pop-up messages or email. When pop-up reminders appear, you can “snooze” them for as little as one minute or as much as a week. You can even schedule the iCal alarm to automatically run a script or open a file on your computer at a specified time. If you’re on MobileMe or an Exchange server – the alarm will also sound on your iPod or iPhone.
You can also attach documents, graphics, or other files to an event (pictures, maps, spreadsheets, etc) and include any relevant URLs.
When you’re finished, click Done. All the added data is only a double-click away.
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