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IT4U is a new program developed to provide opportunities for students to engage in computer training opportunities, free of charge.
IT4U will create opportunities for “hands-on” and virtual assistance by providing drop-in instruction, peer mentorship, online tutorials, and many other learning variations.
Look for the IT4U program in the new University Learning Commons later this spring.

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro

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ITS is proud to announce a new service on the U of S campus – Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro.
Adobe Connect is great for meetings, teaching scenarios, or collaborating with colleagues. Connect, which uses the Flash Player that’s already part of most web browsers, provides a dedicated web meeting room at a fixed web address.
The Connect advantage lies in the flexibility of its interface. The host of a meeting has complete control over a variety of preset and customizable configurations.
Connect utilizes unique ‚Äúpods” to provide the flexibility. Pods are window widgets dedicated to specific functions. While they appear to be simple floating, resizable windows, the pods are actually functional mini/applications that can be placed in the interface’s workspace in any preferred position or size.