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Season’s Greetings

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Training Services wishes to sincerely thank those who supported and participated in training sessions in 2008. We wish everyone a safe, restful and enjoyable holiday season.
As the New Year begins, so does the 2009 training. The January schedule has been posted and many offerings are quickly filling; the February schedule is taking shape as well. Please visit our website to reserve your seat.
We optimistically look forward to a 2009 training year filled with many new learning opportunities.
Happy Holidays,
Training Services

Google releases “Chrome”

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Google’s highly anticipated browser, Chrome, was released today (Friday, December 12).
Akin to Google’s search engine, Chrome is aesthetically simplistic. However, looks may be deceiving. Chrome is exceptionally fast and by all preliminary accounts, it is extremely secure.
Google’s developers went to great lengths to avoid building just another browser. The evolving nature of the web was the impetus for Chrome; Chrome was built to accommodate progressively intensive web-based applications without sacrificing speed and security.
Chrome has added to and improved upon many features of current web browsers. For example, Chrome has adopted the “tab” feature (as seen in other browsers), but when a tab in Chrome becomes unresponsive, the tab can be closed while maintaining the browser session itself.
In an effort to share ideas with developers and receive crucial feedback within the ever-changing web landscape, Chrome’s coding is open-sourced.
As of now, Chrome is not available for MAC users; production continues on the MAC platform.
To download Chrome visit:

What’s a Wiki?

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If you have access to the internet, it is very likely that you have encountered a wiki at some point. It is even more likely that you have visited the largest Wiki space of them all, Wikipedia.

So, what is a wiki?

A wiki is a web-based space that allows multiple users to modify or contribute to a page (or collection of pages) using a simplified markup language. More simply, a wiki allows multiple people to collaborate on a single document. The virtual document is editable and uses basic word processing and simple HTML codes.
The University of Saskatchewan has embraced the wiki technology and provides a wiki space for students, faculty and staff. Many colleges and departments are actively using a wiki to streamline their correspondence. The wiki space is hosted at:
In an effort to promote wiki use, Training Services is providing training courses within the wiki environment. The wiki training course covers the following topics:
– Login as a member and create a workspace
– Personalize the look of a workspace
– Edit workspace content using Rich Text format and Wiki Markup Language
– Add pages, hyperlinks, images and tables to a workspace
– Track and review updates to a workspace
– Set workspace permissions
– Export a wiki to other formats
A wiki course is scheduled for January. For additional information or to register, visit: