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What’s in the Lab? – MS Office 2007

Posted in General IT Training on September 29, 2008 by

ITS Training Services and our training lab (Arts 110A) have made the transition from Microsoft Office 2003 to Office 2007. Please be aware of the change and be prepared to work within the Office 2007 environment when enrolled in Office training.
In Office 2007, many familiar toolbars and menus have been replaced – giving the program a new look and feel. Learning to use the Microsoft Office’s Button, Ribbon and Contextual Tabs may take some practice. Fortunately, instructor-led training and online resources are available to aid in the transition. Training Services’ MS Office 2007 – “What’s New” seminar explores the navigational changes.
If you require training within the Office 2003 platform, custom sessions are available by contacting ITS Training Services.
Visit our website for the Training Schedule.

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For the Shutterbug: Introduction to JPEG & TIFF

Posted in Did you Know? on September 24, 2008 by

If you are using a consumer-quality digital camera, likely you have used JPEG as your standard file format. JPEG is supported by most imaging software and offers compression (allowing for smaller file sizes) expediting the users ability to manipulate, upload, post, or email photos.
JPEG uses lossy compression, meaning some image data is lost when the file is compressed and then uncompressed. The amount of compression can vary, with more compression meaning more data loss but resulting in a smaller file.
Uncompressed (lossless) TIFF is the standard for most commercial digital photo printing needs. TIFF is an excellent choice when file size is not a consideration as uncompressed TIFF files are larger than JPEGs.
In other words, archive your original digital photos as a TIFF and you will maintain all the photo’s digital information.

The Genius of ITunes 8

Posted in Did you Know? on September 16, 2008 by

Exciting new features have been added to the newest adaptation of ITunes, version 8.0. Most notably, the upgrade includes the ITunes “Genius” function.
The Genius is an automated DJ that, once activated, can build genre-based playlists based on the music in your library. The Genius generates suggestions of songs that will compliment the current song to which you are listening. If activated on your IPod, the Genius generates a smart playlist based upon your IPod library.
To use Genius, select a track in your library and click the “Genius” button at the bottom right corner of the iTunes interface. Once you are viewing a playlist, buttons on the top right of the iTunes interface let you refresh that playlist with a new batch of songs, save that playlist for good, or adjust the number of songs in your list. On the IPod, access the Genius function from within the playlist feature.
However, the Genius system does not recognize obscure tracks (songs not offered on ITunes) nor will it recognize mislabeled ID3 tags. The Genius may take some time on its initial run, depending on the size of your ITunes library.
Lastly, you must have an ITunes account to access the Genius.

ITS Training Welcomes Back the Students

Posted in General IT Training on September 8, 2008 by

Regular session has resumed for the 2008-2009 academic year and the ITS Friday afternoon workshops are back in full-swing. If you are seeking some additional information about Microsoft Office or other applications, these sessions may be for you. The sessions are free for students and staff.
This Friday’s topic is PowerPoint: Master and Template Design.
In addition, all of the regularly scheduled training is available in an ongoing basis. Please refer to our website for course information and availability.